Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome

I have always wanted to have sex with someone who can show me why he is the man and why I am the woman. Sometimes, I wonder if this fantasy will ever come true. I wonder if I will meet a handsome hunk who can drain me of my fluids and my ego.

I have a fantasy.

I am a camgirl—and that can be intimidating for many people when they meet me for the first time. I want to meet a tall, dark, and handsome man somewhere in a pub, and get to talking. I want him to undress me with his eyes as I sip my fourth vodka martini. I will be dressed in a sexy dress. He will look like he just finished his shift at a multi-national company. He is wearing a shirt that fits his muscular body like a glove, and as he looks at me dead in the eyes while talking, he lets me know that he’s in charge.

He sweet talks me into taking me back to his place. I would hesitate at first, but then, in his manly, husky voice, he says:

“I wasn’t asking.”

We get back to his luxurious flat. He shows me his Jazz collection and offers me another drink. We knock glasses and as he asks me about my work, he brushes off the hair from my forehead. I lie about what I do, so as to not intimidate him. After we finish our drinks, I notice him staring at me with a piercing glare. Before I can ask him why he’s looking at me like this, I feel his rough hand on my neck. He plants a deep kiss on my lips as the hand moves from my neck to my throat, and the other one goes around my waist.


“The time to words is long past.”

He picks me up, takes me up to his room, and throws me on the bed. By the time I collect myself and get comfortable, I can already see him taking his shirt off to reveal that muscular body of his. He takes off his Rolex and throws it on the table. I smile as he moves up on to the bed, grabs my hair and kisses me, slowly and firmly moving to my neck, planting a bite as his other hand spanks my butt.

Trying to take control of the situation, I push him back and take my dress off in a sexy way, teasing him with my curves as the Greek god of a man stays inches away, smirking. I come closer, teasing him with my kiss, only to move away at the last second.

“Uh-uh. You’re not in control here.”

He pulls me closer, making me suck on his tongue as his other hand reaches my panties, pulling them in between my ass cheek. As I moan into his mouth, he takes off my bra with one hand, pinching my nipple. I moan, hugging his warm body tight, clawing his back.

“Good girl.”

He relishes my body to his satisfaction, choking me, slapping me, twisting me in angles he deems worthy of his carinal desire—ever so roughly, ever so gently. With every second, my pussy gets dripping wet. He reveals his monstrous cock, and as I gasp with surprise, he grabs my hair and shoves it into my mouth.

“Play with your clit as you suck me.”

I oblige, like a dutiful servant, deepthroating him as I inch closer to an orgasm. My heart is beating out of my chest, and all I want from him is to take me. When he’s finished with oral, he pulls me up and kisses me. He turns me around, bends me, and eats my pussy. The angle is perfect—one I have never known the pleasure of. He spanks my butt with every moan I make.

After tasting my sweet, juicy fruit, he takes me from behind while pulling my hair and making me call his name. I cum after a few strokes, still stunned by his surprisingly good tongue game. But he doesn’t stop. He makes me beg, only to turn me around, and slowly get inside me again, playing with my clit with one hand as he thrusts deeper and deeper.

I end up cumming all over again, just in time as he pulls his cock out and makes a mess all over my pink nipples.

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